The night is over.
The day has dawned.

Awaken my spirit
to the wonder and joy
of your creation.
Stir within me a love
for those I will meet.

The night is over.
The morning has come.
Rise up with me, Lord Jesus.

From Call on Me: A Prayer Book for Young People by Jenifer C. Gamber & Sharon Ely Pearson (Morehouse Publishing, 2012).

I’m praying through this book both as a resource for ministry and as authentic prayer (it all counts, of course, as I’m still learning from last week). It’s a helpful window on the prayer concerns of young people–like feeling close to God, feeling far away, boredom, disappointment, getting a driver’s licence, separation or divorce of parents, homework, applying for a job, etc.–and reading words of prayer written by others can help refresh my own prayer life too.

Question: In what ways have printed prayers affected your prayer life?