Friday 5: Recommendations for Your Weekend Reading

Here’s a look over my shoulder at what I’ve been reading this week. Highly recommended: // photostock,

A Japanese Garden in Autumn
This is a beautiful photo essay–a moment of serenity that encourages me to plan my own Artist’s/Writer’s Date soon.

Let Something Essential Happen to Me
“. . . something like the blooming of hope and faith,
like a grateful heart,
like a surge of awareness
of how precious each moment is….”  Click through to read the whole prayer poem
by Ted Loder that I first read on a friend’s Facebook timeline.

Prison, Sexual Assault, and Editing John Howard Yoder: One Man’s Story
I’ve read several recent articles re-visiting John Howard Yoder’s abusive behaviour and how the church responded. This is a more personal reflection on how one man’s story intersects with Yoder. It’s a longer post, and well worth reading.

Redeeming My Grocery Routine to Feed Those Who Are Hungry
I used to buy a food item for our local Food Bank whenever I did my regular grocery shopping, but I’ve been in too much of a hurry lately. This post reminds me why that means I’m just in too much of a hurry.

Ten Facts About Sherlock Holmes
This one’s just for fun, an older post by a new blog follower, on one of my favourite fictional characters who is also the most filmed fictional character–or not. Read this post to find out.

Have a great weekend, and see you on Monday for my post on Innovation’s Dirty Little Secret.

6 thoughts on “Friday 5: Recommendations for Your Weekend Reading

  1. Thank you so much for recommending my photo essay of the Japanese Garden in Rockford, Illinois. I’m glad you found it inspiring. Wishing you many good Artist’s Dates to come!

  2. April, thank you so much for including the piece on John Howard Yoder. It helps to give me a new perspective on all of this.

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