Friday 5: Recommendations for Your Weekend Reading

Here’s a look over my shoulder at what I’ve been reading this week. Highly recommended: // photostock,

A Japanese Garden in Autumn
This is a beautiful photo essay–a moment of serenity that encourages me to plan my own Artist’s/Writer’s Date soon.

Let Something Essential Happen to Me
“. . . something like the blooming of hope and faith,
like a grateful heart,
like a surge of awareness
of how precious each moment is….”  Click through to read the whole prayer poem
by Ted Loder that I first read on a friend’s Facebook timeline.

Prison, Sexual Assault, and Editing John Howard Yoder: One Man’s Story
I’ve read several recent articles re-visiting John Howard Yoder’s abusive behaviour and how the church responded. This is a more personal reflection on how one man’s story intersects with Yoder. It’s a longer post, and well worth reading.

Redeeming My Grocery Routine to Feed Those Who Are Hungry
I used to buy a food item for our local Food Bank whenever I did my regular grocery shopping, but I’ve been in too much of a hurry lately. This post reminds me why that means I’m just in too much of a hurry.

Ten Facts About Sherlock Holmes
This one’s just for fun, an older post by a new blog follower, on one of my favourite fictional characters who is also the most filmed fictional character–or not. Read this post to find out.

Have a great weekend, and see you on Monday for my post on Innovation’s Dirty Little Secret.

6 thoughts on “Friday 5: Recommendations for Your Weekend Reading

  1. April, thank you so much for including the piece on John Howard Yoder. It helps to give me a new perspective on all of this.

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