Friday 5: love it and list it

Photo courtesy of Arvind Balaraman,
Photo courtesy of Arvind Balaraman,

Here are my five favourite blog reads from this week:

How We’ve Traded Great Stories for Anecdotes
A thoughtful post, and my first introduction to Patrol magazine on religion and culture.

Monk in the world guest post: Paula Huston
I’m not exactly a monk in the world, but I love this interview about being an “artist of the everyday.”

The Three Worst Things You Can Say to Someone Battling Cancer or Any Kind of Adversity . . . And You’ve Probably Already Said Them
An excellent post by Margaret Feinberg sharing from her own experience. Thank you, Margaret, I’m praying for you today.

Thought for Today
If you ever have trouble sleeping, maybe this quote from Victor Hugo will help.

10 Ways to have a More Thankful Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving Day has already come and gone here in Canada, but Thanksgiving is still to come for those of you in the US, and the ideas in this post are great at any time of the year.


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