Friday 5: Great Ideas for Advent and for All Ages

5 snowflake lights

A Cookie A Day
I haven’t started any Christmas baking yet, but here are some scrumptious-looking new candidates. Check out November and December.

Advent: why it matters and how to do it sanely
A great post of family friendly resources including children’s books and a “ridiculously easy” Advent calendar.

Bible Gateway Advent Devotions
I’m a longtime user of Bible Gateway’s free, online translations of the Bible, and recently I’m discovering some of their other resources like these Advent and Christmas devotionals.

Come Home to God

A five-minute Advent video of music and images for contemplation from Christine Sine and Godspace.

Slowly, slowly they return
Since I heard and saw Wendell Berry at AAR/SBL, I thought I would include one of his Sabbath poems here that speaks of advent and waiting, and ends with “O light come down to earth, be praised!”


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