Friday 5: from the Bible Gateway Blogger Grid

Last year I wrote a post on writing as a solitary craft that also takes place in community, and I called it Why I am a MennoNerd, RevGalBlogPal, and CC Blogger (sort of).bg-blogger-badge-500x500

Since then I’ve joined the Bible Gateway Blogger Grid (BG²), which is a diverse group of international and independent bloggers — some academics, some pastors, some more general interest, a few MennoNerds, a few other bloggers that I had met via Twitter, and many others that are new to me. What we all have in common is that we take the Bible seriously as part of our blogging.

The following links are some of my favourites from among the Bible Gateway bloggers. I’ve included just a snippet of each post, so please click through to see the rest.

I am a scholar; is there room in the church for me? – “I have no grand scholastic contribution with this post. I have no scathing critique and/or answers for the Church. Instead, I give you my story.”

Lord Jesus Christ – A Prayer – “Lord Jesus Christ / We live in hope / That the brokenness of our souls / Is being transformed. / Greed into generosity, / Self-fulfillment into mutual care, /Hate into compassion, / Fear into love.”

Why My Soul is Glad to Have Feminists Around Me – “They belong there because it is their right and dignity as human beings made in the Image of God. All the “proving” that needed to be done to validate their place in the Church and this world was done at the Cross of Christ.”

Writer’s Block – Yup, it’s real – Video: Seven Ways to Beat Writer’s Block.

Bible Gateway Blogger Grid (BG²) – a list of charter blogs. Bible Gateway’s main site provides access to the Bible in many different languages and versions, as well as links to reading plans, devotionals, and much more.

4 thoughts on “Friday 5: from the Bible Gateway Blogger Grid

  1. What a lovely and generous post, April! And thanks to Robert Martin for sharing it in his MennoNerds newspaper.

    I just may copy this and write about MennoNerds, my first group like this. Glad you are in it with me. 🙂

    And, I am hoping to get to Vancouver/Abbotsford sometime in summer or fall. Would love to connect. Still working on it.

    1. Hi Shirley, I would love to welcome you to the west coast, so I hope it works for you to come out this way. We’ll sit down for that cup of tea yet 🙂 I’d be interested in your perspective on the MennoNerds, so yes please copy away and I’ll read with interest.

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