Tell Me the Dream Again

"I've always been caught between worlds," writes Tasha Jun in her newly published book about family, ethnicity, and belonging.  In the prologue to Tell Me the Dream Again (Tyndale, 2023), she continues: Ready and not ready. English and Korean, light and dark, weak but prophesied strong, caught between the grief over things lost and the joy … Continue reading Tell Me the Dream Again

Living Beyond Our Broken Dreams

When I titled my last blog post "Are You Living Your Dream?" I intended the question as a personal writing and reflection prompt. To my surprise I received an email that answered a flat out "no, but I'm glad you are so blessed." I know I've been blessed in many ways---as a child, I dreamed … Continue reading Living Beyond Our Broken Dreams

Are You Living Your Dream?

When I was a child, I loved books and dreamed of becoming a writer someday. In high school, I journaled and wrote poetry, but only for myself. In university, I interned with a city magazine, and soon after started freelancing short articles in various publications. In graduate school, I put off writing my master’s thesis … Continue reading Are You Living Your Dream?

Wishing You a Blessed Easter Tuesday

Christ is risen! He is risen indeed! On Easter Sunday our time of worship began with this traditional greeting and response. We said these words together another six times in our worship liturgy that morning, once more at the start of my sermon, and I heard people greet one another with these words before and … Continue reading Wishing You a Blessed Easter Tuesday

Happy 10th Anniversary, Sacred Pauses!

Last month Sacred Pauses turned ten years old! Thank you to all those who have read, shared, reviewed, and supported this book in countless ways. I pray that spiritual practice will continue to enrich your life as God continues to sustain and renew you. I'm grateful and amazed at the book's reach over the years, … Continue reading Happy 10th Anniversary, Sacred Pauses!

Finding Confidence

How confident are you about ______________? I couldn't get past that first part of the questionnaire. In fact I had already stopped listening after the first four words "how confident are you. . . . " I'm sure the rest of the sentence went on about something, but whatever it was didn't hold my attention. … Continue reading Finding Confidence

How to Pray When Prayer Seems Impossible

For me the new year is always a time to clean things up. In January I put away my Christmas decorations. For the Lunar New Year, I do a winter cleaning that includes vacuuming the floors---and no, this isn't the only time I vacuum, but at the Lunar New Year, it's a traditional and practical … Continue reading How to Pray When Prayer Seems Impossible

Living Leaf by Leaf

During my husband's journey with cancer, we decided that taking life "one day at a time" was too much for us. Instead, we learned to plan just half a day at a time. On treatment days, it was a half day for chemo, and then if he was feeling up to it, we would treat … Continue reading Living Leaf by Leaf