Resources for Small Groups

As our small groups wind down for summer, some look forward to well-deserved rest, some plan to serve as hosts for our summer coffee times or meet informally for a mid-summer picnic, some are deciding now what they might study together come fall. If you're interested in a topical study, I can happily recommend the … Continue reading Resources for Small Groups

You Reassure Me, Rescue Me Always

Ever since a friend shared his paraphrase of Psalm 23 using the letter L, I've been creating and collecting other versions using different letters of the alphabet. Today I'm adding Psalm 23 focused on the letters R and Q (with a bit of 'K'). That makes 9 versions so far out of the 26 letters … Continue reading You Reassure Me, Rescue Me Always

Four Gifts Cover Reveal

Have you seen the cover of my soon-to-be new book? It's not scheduled for release until September 4, 2018, but I can't resist sharing it! The book started as an article about self-care on the job: Is Self-Care Part of Your Paid Employment and Should It Be? But it's become much bigger than that, for … Continue reading Four Gifts Cover Reveal

Love Each Other Deeply

Leonard Klassen serves as co-lead pastor of King Road Mennonite Brethren Church in Abbotsford, B.C. He has previously served as a youth pastor and associate at King Road, and is a husband and father of two sons in middle school. Leonard shares his love of photography on his personal blog, and dreams of writing more some day. For … Continue reading Love Each Other Deeply

May Jesus Walk with You from One Creative Step to the Next

Late last night I returned from a fantastic few days connecting with people in Mennonite Church Eastern Canada (MCEC). My sincere thanks to everyone who so graciously hosted me and for the opportunity to share with you in so many ways both formally and more informally! The invitation I received to speak at the Spring … Continue reading May Jesus Walk with You from One Creative Step to the Next