25 Self-care Ideas for the Heart: for singles, widows, married people, and everyone

I had a lovely weekend in Alberta at Camp Nakamun, where I had been invited to speak on self-care for a spring get-away for Widow to Widow, which is a Connecting Streams ministry of Power to Change in Canada. Since I was speaking, it was a working weekend, but in many ways it felt like a getaway for me too: in a beautiful setting … Continue reading 25 Self-care Ideas for the Heart: for singles, widows, married people, and everyone

Butterflies, Psalm 27, and the Beauty of the Lord

When I first heard of Rachel Held Evans, I was already publishing books and articles and pastoring a church. We weren't the same age, of the same ethnicity, from the same country, with the same background or church experience, and of course I wasn't even a speck in her huge following. Yet when I retweeted … Continue reading Butterflies, Psalm 27, and the Beauty of the Lord

How to Tell When You’re Taking on Too Much

Question: When it comes to self-care, how do you know when you're taking on too much? Answer: Unfortunately for many of us, we often don't realize we're becoming overwhelmed until it's too late! When you start skipping meals because you don't have time to eat, or skimp on sleep because you're answering email late at … Continue reading How to Tell When You’re Taking on Too Much

A Daily Dose of Awe

Without community, writing can get lonely. So I'm part of a number of different communities both in real life and online, including the Godspace Community where we share a common concern for spirituality, sustainability, and social justice. I've published a few articles as part of Godspace, often share pieces written by other members of the … Continue reading A Daily Dose of Awe

Happy Birthday from Psalms

Since April is my birth month, I was curious to look up birthdays in Scripture. The birth of Jesus was celebrated by shepherds, angels, magi, a mysterious star in the sky, and of course by his mother, Mary, and his earthly father, Joseph. But the word "birthday" appears in the Bible just three times: the … Continue reading Happy Birthday from Psalms

When You Feel Overwhelmed

Overwhelmed. I've been there too. And not in a good way like being overwhelmed by the beauty of a spring day, or overwhelmed by soaring music, or overwhelmed by love that fills your heart to bursting. It might not be a 9-1-1 emergency -- no need to panic and act quickly, but how to get … Continue reading When You Feel Overwhelmed

Fast from Complaining, Feast on Appreciation

Ash Wednesday has come and gone, the first Sunday of Lent was yesterday, and I still haven't decided what to give up or add for Lent this year. One year I gave up listening to the car radio, and learned to appreciate the silence as I drove. Another year I added a jigsaw puzzle, although … Continue reading Fast from Complaining, Feast on Appreciation

Can We Be Spiritual Friends?

Who better to write an article on self-care and friendship than Michele Morin--a friend and sister Redbud writer who was part of my Four Gifts launch team, and who often writes about friendship on her blog, Living Our Days. Michele is a wife and homeschooling mum who reads, writes, gardens, and does life with her family on … Continue reading Can We Be Spiritual Friends?