Jesus Matters: Good News for the 21st Century

Jesus Matters: Good News for the 21st Century, edited by James R. Krabill and David W. Shenk (Herald Press, 2008).

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Jesus Christ is popular with many North Americans, but do they honour the Jesus of Scripture? Each author in this collection teams with one or more young adults to consider the various ways we encounter and experience Jesus. Topics include Jesus and the cross, Jesus and salvation, Jesus and the Bible, and Jesus and the future. I wrote the opening chapter with Peter Sensenig: “Jesus Calls: Believe in Me and Follow.”

Table of Contents

Foreword by Shane Claiborne
Introduction: The North American Context

Jesus Calls: Believe in Me and Follow
Who is Jesus?
Jesus and the Bible
Jesus and Creation
Jesus and the Kingdom of God
Jesus Triumphs over the Powers
Jesus and God
Jesus Crucified
The Resurrection of Jesus
Jesus and the Sending of the Spirit
Jesus Our Salvation
Jesus Our Peace
Jesus and Mission
Jesus and the Church
Jesus Encountering the Religions
Jesus and the Future
Epilogue: Jesus Invites Us to His Table