Remember Lot’s Wife and Other Unnamed Women of the Bible

Remember Lot’s Wife and Other Unnamed Women of the Bible (Brethren Press, 1991).



By uncovering the significant roles played by many anonymous women in the Bible, this book offers an important perspective on women’s issues in Bible studies. The book contains fifty readings based on selected unnamed women of the Bible. Each entry features a Scripture reference, prose reflection, meditation focus, and prayer.

Considering the importance given to names in the Bible, it’s all the more striking to discover how many names are missing from its pages–particularly the names of women. Some women’s names were omitted as part of the tradition of patriarchy, others because they played a relatively small part in a much larger story. And, like Samson’s mother, some women stood in the shadow of more well-known biblical characters. Included are two mothers before Solomon, the women who blessed Naomi, Peter’s mother-in-law, the bent woman healed, and many more.

Remember Lot’s Wife works well for individual reflection and group discussion. To read some sample reflections, check out my Retro Series.


“April Yamasaki introduces us to fifty unnamed women . . . the good and the bad, the familiar and the unfamiliar, those who lived with hope and joy and those who lived with despair and sadness. The reader learns about Job’s wife, the Queen of Sheba, the woman in the Song of Solomon, and many others. . . . The goal of the book is to enrich faith as well as bring the reader to a deeper appreciation of these women of the Bible. The book will be useful for small groups or individual study, both men and women.” – Katie Funk Wiebe

“With a vivid, clear writing style and an economy of words, the author tells the stories of 50 unnamed women of the Bible. She helps us understand the context within which they lived and shows us how they made a difference in the world around them. . . . The author helps us see and hear the full humanity of women who have been restricted or ignored.” ~ Karen James-Abra