Living Beyond Our Broken Dreams

When I titled my last blog post "Are You Living Your Dream?" I intended the question as a personal writing and reflection prompt. To my surprise I received an email that answered a flat out "no, but I'm glad you are so blessed." I know I've been blessed in many ways---as a child, I dreamed … Continue reading Living Beyond Our Broken Dreams

Are You Living Your Dream?

When I was a child, I loved books and dreamed of becoming a writer someday. In high school, I journaled and wrote poetry, but only for myself. In university, I interned with a city magazine, and soon after started freelancing short articles in various publications. In graduate school, I put off writing my master’s thesis … Continue reading Are You Living Your Dream?

Finding Confidence

How confident are you about ______________? I couldn't get past that first part of the questionnaire. In fact I had already stopped listening after the first four words "how confident are you. . . . " I'm sure the rest of the sentence went on about something, but whatever it was didn't hold my attention. … Continue reading Finding Confidence

Living Leaf by Leaf

During my husband's journey with cancer, we decided that taking life "one day at a time" was too much for us. Instead, we learned to plan just half a day at a time. On treatment days, it was a half day for chemo, and then if he was feeling up to it, we would treat … Continue reading Living Leaf by Leaf

Our Grief Doesn’t Stop During Advent

On one level I'm doing quite well these days: eating, sleeping, going for walks, talking every day with one or sometimes all three of my sisters, connecting with friends, paying bills, taking care of the household, easing back into writing and speaking, taking on a new contract as an editor. But sometimes the grief over … Continue reading Our Grief Doesn’t Stop During Advent

My Movable Writing Deadline

Thank you, dear readers, for your help with my next book. You've weighed in on possible titles. You've cheered me on, and cheered me up with your interest, prayers, notes of encouragement, and just being there as a silent witness. I took a week off from blogging because of Thanksgiving last week, but then and … Continue reading My Movable Writing Deadline

When You’re Longing for Light, Where Do You Look?

Last night I went outside to look for Jupiter. "Look to the east," I was told. "After sunset, Jupiter will be the brightest thing in the sky." "You can see it even from the city." The great planet was brighter than usual last night because it was the closest it's been to earth in 59 … Continue reading When You’re Longing for Light, Where Do You Look?