One Way Your Church Can Stop Hiding Mental Illness

Mental illness is not as obvious as a broken leg, but it's just as real. According to the Canadian Mental Health Association, one in five Canadians will experience a mental illness in their lifetime. Almost half of those who suffer from anxiety and/or depression have never sought medical attention. In one study, 84% of clergy … Continue reading One Way Your Church Can Stop Hiding Mental Illness

Practicing Lent

In a culture of excess, I understand that giving something up for Lent can feel freeing. To shed the excess and get back to basics, to let go of the unnecessary to focus on the essential, to "simplify, simplify, simplify" as in Thoreau's Walden makes good sense and good spiritual practice. I've observed Lent that … Continue reading Practicing Lent

A Waitress, a Bent Table Fork, and a Sacred Pause

On this Thanksgiving long weekend, I'm thankful for all of you wonderful readers. I'm always excited to hear from you and learn so much when any of you comment on a blog post, use my contact form, or speak to me in person. I first met reader Fjaere Harder Nussbaum when I led a retreat … Continue reading A Waitress, a Bent Table Fork, and a Sacred Pause

On Finding a Healthy Rhythm of Work and Rest

Last week, I was pleased to spend a few days at the beautiful Barnabas Family Ministries retreat centre on Keats Island. I loved the warm hospitality and accommodations in the Carriage House (on the left below), and the excellent farm-fresh meals served in the Lamplighter Cottage (on the right). It was the perfect setting to be on … Continue reading On Finding a Healthy Rhythm of Work and Rest

Cultivating Spiritual Practices

I was delighted to lead two seminars at this year's Mennonite Church Canada Assembly in Winnipeg. Cultivating Spiritual Practices was the title suggested to me by Assembly organizers, but the sessions might just as well have been called Deepening Your Walk with God, or Growing Your Relationship with Jesus, or Developing Spiritual Discipline. In this post, I share my seminar outline.

Toward Racial Reconciliation: Reflection & Practice

Last week I took part in my first-ever Google Hangout -- #MennoNerds on Race, Mutuality, and Anabaptist Community. In this post I share the video of our conversation, offer some further reflections, and outline some practices toward racial reconciliation.

Can an “Established” Church be Missional?

This post begins with a short video explaining the missional church -- people empowered and encouraged to be the church in their community, following Jesus and bearing witness to him wherever they work, play, and live. But as I've been thinking about this more, I wonder, for a church to be missional, must all of the arrows point outward? Is being the church and living out the good news only for the surrounding community and world? Is everyone who is part of the church a missionary, and every place outside the church a mission field?