Prompts to Get You Writing

When I first started blogging, I ended each post with a writing/reflection prompt, and  continued that practice over the years. Most of the writing prompts were questions based on a particular blog post, but sometimes I would include a suggested writing exercise: What helps you rest from your work? Are your neighbours strangers, acquaintances, or … Continue reading Prompts to Get You Writing

Reviewing the New Bible Gateway

When I read Scripture, I much prefer reading off the printed page from a Bible that I can hold in my hands, feel the weight, finger the pages, and take my time. But when I'm online and want to quote Scripture in a blog article, or need to double check a reference for a sermon, … Continue reading Reviewing the New Bible Gateway

Write Your Story Workshop

My Write Your Story Workshop announced below has come and gone, and it went very well with 29 participants. Everyone who registered in advance showed up, and there weren't any walk-ins, so from the planning side all went smoothly with enough tables and chairs, handouts, coffee, and so on. I had more than enough material … Continue reading Write Your Story Workshop

How to Tell When You’re Taking on Too Much

Question: When it comes to self-care, how do you know when you're taking on too much? Answer: Unfortunately for many of us, we often don't realize we're becoming overwhelmed until it's too late! When you start skipping meals because you don't have time to eat, or skimp on sleep because you're answering email late at … Continue reading How to Tell When You’re Taking on Too Much

How to Procrastinate and Be Productive

To celebrate the release of Four Gifts: Seeking Self-Care for Heart, Soul, Mind, and Strength, my friend, Andi Cumbo-Floyd, invited me on her blog to write an article on self-care for writers. I was eager for the opportunity, especially since I loved Andi's Love Letters to Writers and had previously featured her book on my blog. I wanted … Continue reading How to Procrastinate and Be Productive

Living Revision and Listening for the Heartbeat

If you write for your eyes only in a personal journal, if you've written books for publication or aspire to, if you blog or write poetry or short stories or sermons, if you write letters, or have put together your family history for your kids and grand-kids, if you write at all, you'll appreciate Living … Continue reading Living Revision and Listening for the Heartbeat

17 Quotes that will Inspire You to Finish What You Write

Today I'm celebrating the completion of my book manuscript, Christ is For Us!! And no, the exclamation points will not be part of the book title when it's published by Abingdon Press later this year. Christ is For Us is a lectionary Bible study series for Lent 2017, so I imagine that the exclamation points would be a … Continue reading 17 Quotes that will Inspire You to Finish What You Write


How to Make Friends With your Email Inbox

This week I read about a modest proposal for eliminating email. After all, email can be time-consuming, adds extra pressure to an already stressful workplace, fragments attention, and can sometimes feel like a never-ending black hole. One friend says bluntly, “I hate email.” Some have written about taming the email monster, and others have already … Continue reading How to Make Friends With your Email Inbox