If You Want to Change the World

I'm blown away at what God does when we say yes and do it afraid, says Grace Fox, author of eight books, including Moving from Fear to Freedom, which is both a book and an award-winning DVD-based Bible study. From writing her first book to her first magazine articles, producing her Bible study DVD to working … Continue reading If You Want to Change the World

23 of the Most Important Lessons on Writing and Life

Everyone is a writer. Yes, even those of you who think you don't like writing, who don't journal or blog, who've never written a book or dreamed of writing the next Great Novel. Everyone is a writer, because we're all writing the story of our lives--if not with pen on paper or at the computer, then … Continue reading 23 of the Most Important Lessons on Writing and Life

Authors in the House: Husband and Wife and How We Write

The winter issue of B.C. BookWorld lists 25 B.C. couples who both write books.  No, Gary and April Yamasaki aren't listed there with historians Roderick and Jean Barman or poets Patricia and Terence Young. We're just too far outside the literary scene, but between the two of us, we've had 10 books published (April's books, Gary's … Continue reading Authors in the House: Husband and Wife and How We Write

Writing FAQ: how do you find time to write?

At a church leaders' retreat last month, we talked about having an I don't do list as a way of making time for sacred pauses in life and ministry. The things we don't do make it possible to do some other things. The things we say No to allow us to say Yes to other things. In this post I share some of the I don't do items discussed at the retreat and my own I don't do list that allows me to write.

Friday 5: On Plagiarism

Video trailer for "A Fragile Trust: Plagiarism, Power and Jayson Blair at The New York Times" and links on Mark Driscoll's "citation errors," Why Pastors Should Plagiarise in Their Sermons, 6 Thoughts on Plagiarism, Creative Expression, and Sermon Writing, plus an entire website on plagiarism.

3 Great Links about Pinterest for Writers Who Aren’t There Yet (or even if you are)

Last year I posted "To tweet or not to tweet, that is the question (but not for long!)" and this year I'm asking "to pin or not to pin?" Should I start a Pinterest account, or is it just one more social media platform to take up time I don't have? 3 great links are helping me decide.