Happy 10th Anniversary, Sacred Pauses!

Last month Sacred Pauses turned ten years old! Thank you to all those who have read, shared, reviewed, and supported this book in countless ways. I pray that spiritual practice will continue to enrich your life as God continues to sustain and renew you. I'm grateful and amazed at the book's reach over the years, … Continue reading Happy 10th Anniversary, Sacred Pauses!

Finding Confidence

How confident are you about ______________? I couldn't get past that first part of the questionnaire. In fact I had already stopped listening after the first four words "how confident are you. . . . " I'm sure the rest of the sentence went on about something, but whatever it was didn't hold my attention. … Continue reading Finding Confidence

How to Pray When Prayer Seems Impossible

For me the new year is always a time to clean things up. In January I put away my Christmas decorations. For the Lunar New Year, I do a winter cleaning that includes vacuuming the floors---and no, this isn't the only time I vacuum, but at the Lunar New Year, it's a traditional and practical … Continue reading How to Pray When Prayer Seems Impossible

Journey to Bethlehem

For over twenty years, the community of Fort Assiniboine, Alberta, has produced an interactive play, Journey to Bethlehem, that retells the story of Jesus' birth. Each year, as many as a hundred actors and other volunteers give their time and talents for the four nights of performances. And each year, hundreds more attend---one year as … Continue reading Journey to Bethlehem

Our Grief Doesn’t Stop During Advent

On one level I'm doing quite well these days: eating, sleeping, going for walks, talking every day with one or sometimes all three of my sisters, connecting with friends, paying bills, taking care of the household, easing back into writing and speaking, taking on a new contract as an editor. But sometimes the grief over … Continue reading Our Grief Doesn’t Stop During Advent

The Family of God

Dear April, After careful consideration, our editorial, marketing, and business management team has decided to declare the following Work(s) out of print: Christ Is for Us Christ Is for Us Large Print Christ Is for Us Epub. I can't say I was surprised to receive this notice from Abingdon Press. After all, I had written … Continue reading The Family of God

From Writer to Editor

I've read and written for Rejoice! magazine for years, and now as the new editor, I'm eagerly learning more about the publishing side. I'm delighted to be working with a wonderful team that includes the publisher/executive director, prayer request editor/editorial assistant, copy editor, designer, proofreader, the managing editor who put me in touch with an … Continue reading From Writer to Editor