How to Pray for Government Leaders

As I've been thinking about the Canadian federal election coming up in just two weeks, I've also been following discussions south of the border on the impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump and on choosing the next Democratic presidential candidate. I've been following the news of ongoing protests in Hong Kong, the Global Climate Strike, … Continue reading How to Pray for Government Leaders

The Lord is My Everything: Psalm 23 in the Letter E

I was so intrigued when Mel Sawatzky read his "Psalm 23 in El" at a writers' gathering, that I decided to try the exercise for myself, reflecting on the psalm and writing a paraphrase focused on a letter of the alphabet. With the help of other readers and writers, we now have a paraphrase of … Continue reading The Lord is My Everything: Psalm 23 in the Letter E

The Hardship of Death is Real, But It is Not God’s Last Word to Us

It's been 10 months since I last spoke from the pulpit at my previous church. So it seemed strangely familiar and just plain strange to be standing and speaking there last week. The pulpit seemed bigger than I remembered it. The microphone had been replaced with a different model. I felt at home yet not … Continue reading The Hardship of Death is Real, But It is Not God’s Last Word to Us

Finding Peace Through Self-Care

What is the Christian perspective of self-care?, asks Amelia Warkentin in her award-winning speech for the C. Henry Smith Oratorical Contest. I love the way she frames her answer with her own experience, research, and reflection on Scripture, including her reading of my book, Four Gifts: Seeking Self-care for Heart, Soul, Mind, and Strength. It's an … Continue reading Finding Peace Through Self-Care

A Happy Birthday Free Gift

Four Gifts quietly turned one-year-old last Wednesday, September 4. There was no party, no cake, no fanfare, but today I’m marking the occasion by giving away a FREE copy that you can keep for yourself or give to a friend, your pastor, another church leader, or anyone else you’d like to bless with some self-care. … Continue reading A Happy Birthday Free Gift

Write Your Story Workshop

Everyone has a story, and I'd love to help you tell it! If you've always wanted to write your story and need a nudge to get started, if you're already writing and looking for some extra motivation, whether you're writing for yourself, family and friends, or for publication, I hope you'll consider joining me for … Continue reading Write Your Story Workshop

To Sing is to Pray Twice

"To sing is to pray twice" is often attributed to St. Augustine, but just as I've seen different versions of the quote, I've also seen it variously attributed to Martin Luther and anonymous sources. Whoever said it first, and how ever we put it---"the one who sings prays twice," or "singing is praying twice," or … Continue reading To Sing is to Pray Twice

A Rhythm of Welcome: No Solo Instruments

I love this gorgeous cover of Leslie Verner's new book! It looks inviting, and I know that her message of welcome and hospitality is sorely needed in our world today. I'm thrilled to host Leslie on my blog, plus she's offered to give away a copy of her book, Invited: The Power of Hospitality in … Continue reading A Rhythm of Welcome: No Solo Instruments