The Family of God

Dear April, After careful consideration, our editorial, marketing, and business management team has decided to declare the following Work(s) out of print: Christ Is for Us Christ Is for Us Large Print Christ Is for Us Epub. I can't say I was surprised to receive this notice from Abingdon Press. After all, I had written … Continue reading The Family of God

From Writer to Editor

I've read and written for Rejoice! magazine for years, and now as the new editor, I'm eagerly learning more about the publishing side. I'm delighted to be working with a wonderful team that includes the publisher/executive director, prayer request editor/editorial assistant, copy editor, designer, proofreader, the managing editor who put me in touch with an … Continue reading From Writer to Editor

My Movable Writing Deadline

Thank you, dear readers, for your help with my next book. You've weighed in on possible titles. You've cheered me on, and cheered me up with your interest, prayers, notes of encouragement, and just being there as a silent witness. I took a week off from blogging because of Thanksgiving last week, but then and … Continue reading My Movable Writing Deadline

When You’re Longing for Light, Where Do You Look?

Last night I went outside to look for Jupiter. "Look to the east," I was told. "After sunset, Jupiter will be the brightest thing in the sky." "You can see it even from the city." The great planet was brighter than usual last night because it was the closest it's been to earth in 59 … Continue reading When You’re Longing for Light, Where Do You Look?

The Hospitality of the Church Parking Lot

When my husband was diagnosed with a recurrence of cancer, we received a packet of information from the cancer center. The large envelope included various forms, contact numbers, booklets on what to expect, nutritional information, and other resources for patients and their families. Among the papers, I also came across an offer of free parking … Continue reading The Hospitality of the Church Parking Lot

What Simplicity Means to Me Today

I was asked to write on simplicity for Asian American Women on Leadership, and wanted to post my personal reflection here as well. I hope it helps you consider simplicity in your own life too. For the last few years, I’ve chosen a key word or phrase to help give focus to my year. I … Continue reading What Simplicity Means to Me Today

Readers Respond: Which Title Engages You the Most?

In my last post, I shared a few possible titles for my next book and asked, "If this were the title of a sermon series, which one would engage you the most?" Some readers replied directly in the comments on that post, others responded on Facebook, Twitter, via email, or in personal conversation. I'm grateful … Continue reading Readers Respond: Which Title Engages You the Most?

Could This Be a Nudging of the Spirit?

"Are you available for another writing project?" asked David Runk, president and publisher of CSS Publishing. I've worked with David and his company on three previous collections of lectionary-based sermons: On the Way With Jesus, Ordinary Time With Jesus, and Led by the Spirit. I like his company's focus on practical, field-tested sermons with pastors … Continue reading Could This Be a Nudging of the Spirit?