Making Disciples

Making Disciples: Preparing People for Baptism, Christian Living, and Church Membership (MennoMedia: Faith & Life Resources, 2003).

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How do you nudge the youth of the church to consider baptism and church membership? What tools are most effective in preparing believers for baptism? How long should the instruction period be? What curriculum should you use? How do you keep baptism from being a mere rite of passage at a certain age? What makes for a meaningful baptismal service? How do you encourage new members to use their spiritual gifts after that special day?

Making Disciples provides practical resources for these holy tasks, offering reflective essays that can be adapted as sermon or teaching material, reproducible sheets for use in the congregation, ideas and stories drawn from all over North America, adaptable lesson plans, and other resources.

Table of Contents

An Overview of This Guide

Section 1
Calling Others to Faith, Baptism, and Church Membership
Introduction, Ideas, Handouts

Section 2
Instruction: Learning and Living
Introduction, Ideas, Handouts
Faith Exploration Session Plan

Section 3
Baptism: Preparation and Participation
Introduction, Ideas, Handouts

Section 4
Follow-Up: The Next Year in Discipleship
Introduction, Ideas, Handouts

Appendix A: Sample Announcements, Handouts, Letters
Appendix B: Congregational Worship Materials for Baptism
Appendix C: Retreat Outlines
Appendix D: The Young Disciples Program
Appendix E: For Further Reference