Ordinary Time With Jesus

Ordinary Time With Jesus: Cycle B Sermons for Proper 23 Through Christ the King Based on the Gospel Texts (CSS Publishing, 2014).

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Nothing about Jesus was ordinary.

He defied the expectations of religious leaders.
He embraced the castaways.
He surrendered to a crude wooden cross.

It is extraordinary, then, that more than 2,000 years beyond his death and resurrection, his words continue to transform — even in the most mundane moments of our lives. Inevitably, discouragement finds its way to our hearts. We get caught up in the demands of life, and we often forget that we can find Jesus in our everyday moments of work, play, and home.

Ordinary Time With Jesus presents ten sermons that beautifully weave the gospel scriptures with our daily experiences, reminding us to surrender our ideas, our hopes, and our expectations to Jesus. Whether looking for a sermon resource, a private devotional, or a small-group study, readers will be refreshed and challenged to live a “cross-shaped life,” one that reaches up to God and out to others, as each sermon confidently proclaims the magnificence of an extraordinary God living and breathing in ordinary times.

Table of Contents

1.  Jesus’ No-Nonsense Guide to Being Rich – Mark 10:17-31
2.  Jesus’ No-Nonsense Guide to Success – Mark 10:35-45
3.  Jesus’ No-Nonsense Guide to Discipleship – Mark 10:46-52
4.  Free Indeed! – John 8:31-36
5.  The Lazarus Experience – John 11:32-44
6.  A Cross-Shaped Life – Mark 12:28-34
7.  Why Bother? – Mark 12:38-44
8.  No, We’re Not There Yet – Mark 13:1-8
9.  Jesus: The Original Superhero? – John 18:33-37
10. No Reason to Worry – Matthew 6:25-33