Holy Listening with Breath, Body,and the Spirit

Curious, Puzzled, and Holy Listening for God

When I heard that Upper Room Books planned to publish a spiritual formation resource that combined lectio divina, prayer, yoga, aromatherapy, and journaling, I felt both curious and puzzled. Curious, because I've written for the Upper Room daily devotional guide; because the Upper Room publishes A Guide to Prayer for Ministers and Other Servants which is a classic … Continue reading Curious, Puzzled, and Holy Listening for God

How to Grow Your God-Given Dream: Listening for God

Do you have a dream to start something new? It might be a big idea like a new ministry or a new non-profit, or something more personal like going back to school or changing your field of work. As I begin a new writing project, I always think of it as Starting Something New. That's … Continue reading How to Grow Your God-Given Dream: Listening for God

A Waitress, a Bent Table Fork, and a Sacred Pause

On this Thanksgiving long weekend, I'm thankful for all of you wonderful readers. I'm always excited to hear from you and learn so much when any of you comment on a blog post, use my contact form, or speak to me in person. I first met reader Fjaere Harder Nussbaum when I led a retreat … Continue reading A Waitress, a Bent Table Fork, and a Sacred Pause

Renewal: Sacred Pauses for Leaders

The headline just below the fold in last Tuesday's National Post intrigued me: New mantra for working fathers: Lean out. Financial titan quit after critique by daughter. The article told the story of Mr. Mohamed El-Erian, Chief Executive Officer of the world's largest bond firm and the father of a ten-year-old daughter. One evening, he … Continue reading Renewal: Sacred Pauses for Leaders

Toward Racial Reconciliation: Reflection & Practice

Last week I took part in my first-ever Google Hangout -- #MennoNerds on Race, Mutuality, and Anabaptist Community. In this post I share the video of our conversation, offer some further reflections, and outline some practices toward racial reconciliation.

You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have. – Maya Angelou

Five weeks ago, I posted Why Writers Should Stop Blogging, and decided to take my own advice by cutting back on blogging from three times a week to just once or twice. Just as I had hoped, this more flexible approach to blogging has felt freeing, and I've been able to use some of the extra time for other writing and starting my newest project on creativity.