On Finding a Healthy Rhythm of Work and Rest

Last week, I was pleased to spend a few days at the beautiful Barnabas Family Ministries retreat centre on Keats Island. I loved the warm hospitality and accommodations in the Carriage House (on the left below), and the excellent farm-fresh meals served in the Lamplighter Cottage (on the right). It was the perfect setting to be on … Continue reading On Finding a Healthy Rhythm of Work and Rest

You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have. – Maya Angelou

Five weeks ago, I posted Why Writers Should Stop Blogging, and decided to take my own advice by cutting back on blogging from three times a week to just once or twice. Just as I had hoped, this more flexible approach to blogging has felt freeing, and I've been able to use some of the extra time for other writing and starting my newest project on creativity.

Why I’m Still Holding onto Christmas

And why not? It may well be that Jesus' birth was not actually at this time of year at all. The gospel of Luke includes shepherds in the fields with their sheep (Luke 2:8) which would have been more likely in spring, and a rare meeting of Saturn and Jupiter also in the spring may have been the star sign observed by the magi.