On Finding a Healthy Rhythm of Work and Rest

Last week, I was pleased to spend a few days at the beautiful Barnabas Family Ministries retreat centre on Keats Island. I loved the warm hospitality and accommodations in the Carriage House (on the left below), and the excellent farm-fresh meals served in the Lamplighter Cottage (on the right). It was the perfect setting to be on … Continue reading On Finding a Healthy Rhythm of Work and Rest

Writing FAQ: how do you find time to write?

At a church leaders' retreat last month, we talked about having an I don't do list as a way of making time for sacred pauses in life and ministry. The things we don't do make it possible to do some other things. The things we say No to allow us to say Yes to other things. In this post I share some of the I don't do items discussed at the retreat and my own I don't do list that allows me to write.

Friday 5: How to Make the Most of Twitter Without Getting Lost in an Endless Stream of Tweets

Twitter can be overwhelming, but mainly I've found it fun and a great way to connect with people that I might not otherwise have gotten to know. Here are my best tips on how I've managed to make the most of Twitter without getting lost in an endless stream of tweets.