A Waitress, a Bent Table Fork, and a Sacred Pause

On this Thanksgiving long weekend, I'm thankful for all of you wonderful readers. I'm always excited to hear from you and learn so much when any of you comment on a blog post, use my contact form, or speak to me in person. I first met reader Fjaere Harder Nussbaum when I led a retreat … Continue reading A Waitress, a Bent Table Fork, and a Sacred Pause


How Can I Pray About This Really Horrible Day?

With the events of these last few days, I've found it difficult to pray in my own words. "How Do We Respond to This Really Horrible Day?" I read in The Huffington Post, and I've been wondering too, "how can I pray about this really horrible day?" Since I can't seem to do that in my … Continue reading How Can I Pray About This Really Horrible Day?

The Sacred Pauses Book Study Group

There are many ways to read Sacred Pauses on your own or in a group setting, and in the next few months, I'll be leading two different retreats based on the book that I'm really looking forward to! Below is the experience of just one group to spark some of your own ideas. If your group is using the book or already finished, please do let me know--I'd love to hear from you, and a photo is a bonus!

Sacred Fire and the Truth and Reconciliation Commission

Last Saturday I went looking for the Sacred Fire that had been burning day and night throughout the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) National Event. After so much hard listening, it was a relief to leave the main TRC building and walk silently toward the centre of the site where the Sacred Fire had been burning day and night.