Enough for Now: Unpacking God’s Sufficiency

"Many of us live in affluence or at least comfort, and yet contentment always seems just out of reach," says author Sharla Fritz. "We live in a culture that constantly screams, 'More, more!' Advertising tells us we need more clothes, more cool gadgets. Our bank account tells us we need more money. Society may make … Continue reading Enough for Now: Unpacking God’s Sufficiency

On a Pilgrimage, Following Jesus

Since I started blogging, I've seen many other blogs come and go. Some were created for a specific time and purpose with a limited life span. Others fell into disuse and eventually closed. Some bloggers grew tired or disillusioned or both, and left the often relentless pace of blogging behind. Unfortunately that means that some … Continue reading On a Pilgrimage, Following Jesus

Practicing Lent

In a culture of excess, I understand that giving something up for Lent can feel freeing. To shed the excess and get back to basics, to let go of the unnecessary to focus on the essential, to "simplify, simplify, simplify" as in Thoreau's Walden makes good sense and good spiritual practice. I've observed Lent that … Continue reading Practicing Lent

Simplified Living

Simplified living is about more than doing less. It's being who God called us to be, with a wholehearted, single-minded focus. It's walking away from innumerable lesser opportunities in favor of the few to which we've been called and for which we've been created. It's a lifestyle that allows us, when our heads hit the … Continue reading Simplified Living


How Can I Pray About This Really Horrible Day?

With the events of these last few days, I've found it difficult to pray in my own words. "How Do We Respond to This Really Horrible Day?" I read in The Huffington Post, and I've been wondering too, "how can I pray about this really horrible day?" Since I can't seem to do that in my … Continue reading How Can I Pray About This Really Horrible Day?