The Top 10 of 2019 from April Yamasaki

In 2016 I wrote How to Pray for a Wedding Dinner, and it became my most viewed post in 2016---and in 2017, 2018, and now again in 2019.¬† In fact, half of my most viewed posts in 2019 are posts from previous years and are all part of my How to Pray series. When I … Continue reading The Top 10 of 2019 from April Yamasaki

Asian American Women on Leadership

Last year I was invited to guest post for Asian American Women on Leadership (AAWOL), and this year I started blogging regularly with this group of women in ministry. We are from the U.S. and Canada: pastors, writers, communications managers, therapists, spiritual directors, full-time moms, students, administrators, single, married, first-, second, and third-generation Asian North … Continue reading Asian American Women on Leadership

Who Would Be My People?

As my conviction grew to complete my pastoral ministry with my congregation, my questions grew too. While I felt more and more certain of the Spirit's leading to shift from my pastoral ministry to focus on my writing, I wasn't at all sure how that would work. As members, would my husband and I continue … Continue reading Who Would Be My People?

On Being Silenced and How to Speak Up

Kathy Khang's new book begins with a powerful personal story of being silenced and speaking up. There had been some conflict brewing behind the scenes at a staff leadership conference, a conflict that included racial, gender, and cultural dynamics. When the situation was finally brought up on the last night of the gathering, Kathy felt … Continue reading On Being Silenced and How to Speak Up

How God Called Me into Pastoral Ministry

This summer as I've been reviewing my website and related links, I've discovered that an earlier article on my call to pastoral ministry is unfortunately no longer available. I had originally shared my story as part of a series on women in ministry, and called my article, An Accidental Pastor. Now that link goes to a … Continue reading How God Called Me into Pastoral Ministry

On a Pilgrimage, Following Jesus

Since I started blogging, I've seen many other blogs come and go. Some were created for a specific time and purpose with a limited life span. Others fell into disuse and eventually closed. Some bloggers grew tired or disillusioned or both, and left the often relentless pace of blogging behind. Unfortunately that means that some … Continue reading On a Pilgrimage, Following Jesus

Stories of Deeply Rooted and Transformed Lives

Last year, I joined the Redbud Writers Guild, which envisions¬†"a vibrant and diverse movement of Christian women who create in community and who influence culture and faith." So far I've only met one Redbud in person, so for me the community is mainly a virtual one, but I'm gradually getting to know some of the … Continue reading Stories of Deeply Rooted and Transformed Lives

The Best of 2016 From April Yamasaki

As I look back on 2016, I'm so grateful for all of you readers--thank you for liking, sharing, commenting, emailing, following incognito, faithfully reading every article, or just dipping in here and there--THANK YOU! It's always a guessing game to know what articles will most resonate with readers, but hindsight is 20/20, and according to … Continue reading The Best of 2016 From April Yamasaki