Rainy Days and Peanut Butter

This morning it’s cold and raining—reminds me more of winter than the middle of summer!

Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay

A friend says:

Wake up to pouring rain and realize the peanut butter jar is empty. Let’s write this one off and try again tomorrow morning.

I totally sympathize, especially for those up early and needing to work outside today. How tempting instead to stay in bed, and try again tomorrow.

At the same time, I’m still thinking about the recent mass shooting in a Colorado movie theatre that left 12 dead, 58 wounded, and many more scared and shaking—individuals and families who might wish they could wake up to a day of rain even when the peanut butter jar is empty, a normal day of complaining about the weather and going to work and buying another jar of peanut butter, instead of living the nightmare of terror and loss delivered to them by a lone gunman. I read in one news account that the alleged shooter said to police, “I am the Joker.” But the tragedy is no joke, and I would guess that his own life has been no joke either. Perhaps he too has been living a nightmare of his own that pushed him to mass violence and murder.

So this morning I pray for individuals and families—both victims and perpetrators of violence, in Colorado and around the world. Two shot dead in a street-party in Toronto, 2750 people killed in Syria so far this month, the violence that comes with abuse of power whether by governments or in so-called “domestic” violence, honour killing, gang violence. . . . all the tragic litany of pain we inflict on one another. Lord Jesus Christ—the One who suffers with all who suffer—have mercy on us.

I also breathe a prayer of thanks—the last time I saw a movie, the only shooting was on the screen; our youth and young adults went to a movie when they were in Denver, and no one got hurt; I don’t need to worry that someone will come to bulldoze my home.  For these and many mercies, I give thanks to God through Jesus Christ.

On this cold, wet morning, I also give thanks for the rain—for the way it drums on the roof that shelters me, that tells me I don’t have to water my garden today, that makes it cool enough to do some baking, that makes me doubly glad for the week of sunshine in the forecast.

Today is a good day. I’ve even got a new jar of peanut butter in my cupboard.

Writing/Reflection Prompt: What do you like about rainy days? Is your peanut butter jar full or empty?


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4 thoughts on “Rainy Days and Peanut Butter

  1. Hi Rhonda – thanks for stopping by. I appreciate your “thankful heart” and look forward to trying some of the recipes too! Have a great trip, and I hope you’ll visit here again soon….

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