Olympic Fever or Olwimpics?

In an earlier post on Three Views of the Atonement and Why They Matter, I described the classic “Moral Influence” view of the atonement in terms of the Olympics, where great athletes inspire us as spectators to go out and do our best—even if it’s just once around the track.

It’s not a perfect analogy by any means, but I find it helpful as I think of how Jesus inspired his first followers and continues to inspire people today. Even people who aren’t particularly religious are often drawn to admire the life of Jesus.

And now the Olympics are upon us again.

One friend uses Facebook to keep a running total of Canada’s medals.
One blog compares the proud, anxious parents of one of the athletes to God’s presence and care for us.
Another describes how watching the Olympics can be a spiritual practice.

On the other side, those already tired of Olympic coverage can download Olwimpics to block any Olympic news on Chrome, Firefox, or Safari (or is that just a hoax? all I know is that I’m not about to press download to find out!).

Writing/Reflection Prompt: So what about you? Do the Olympics contribute to your sense of God’s presence? Or are they just another excuse to watch too much tv?


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