Rise up with me, Lord Jesus

The night is over.
The day has dawned.

Awaken my spirit
to the wonder and joy
of your creation.
Stir within me a love
for those I will meet.

The night is over.
The morning has come.
Rise up with me, Lord Jesus.

From Call on Me: A Prayer Book for Young People by Jenifer C. Gamber & Sharon Ely Pearson (Morehouse Publishing, 2012).

I’m praying through this book both as a resource for ministry and as authentic prayer (it all counts, of course, as I’m still learning from last week). It’s a helpful window on the prayer concerns of young people—like feeling close to God, feeling far away, boredom, disappointment, getting a driver’s licence, separation or divorce of parents, homework, applying for a job, etc.—and reading words of prayer written by others can help refresh my own prayer life too.

Writing/Reflection Prompt: In what ways have printed prayers affected your prayer life?


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2 thoughts on “Rise up with me, Lord Jesus

  1. Well, for one thing, the last paragraph on this one resonated with me today… The long night of cancer treatments and cancer care is over… Praise God, the new days are dawning… and Jesus went down with us… and is rising with us.

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