An Accidental Pastor?

Please note that any links to the Women in Ministry Series have been removed below as that blog is no longer available. Instead, you can read an updated version of this article with a new title here: How God Called Me into Pastoral Ministry.

I’m privileged to be guest posting over at Katherine Willis Pershey’s blog for her Women in Ministry Series. Each week she shares stories of women engaged in serving, leading, teaching, and so much more! Please come join me there as I share my call to ministry. Here’s the first part:

My husband and I had just decided to join a local congregation when the pastor abruptly resigned. Quite literally, he was there one Sunday, and then gone the next. It wasn’t the best introduction to a new church, but in spite of the turmoil, we decided to join anyway. After all, we had been getting to know the people, we both taught at the related Bible college, I had even been a guest speaker at the church several times.

Without a pastor, the congregation relied even more heavily than usual on its members to do the work of ministry, and I was asked to lead a series of four worship services for Advent. I was happy to help, and after my very first Sunday planning and leading worship, a woman whom I later learned was part of the pastoral search committee came up and asked, “How would you like to be the pastor of this church?”

For this article, please see the updated version, How God Called Me into Pastoral Ministry.


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