Grace is Born: what is, was, and will be

When I first read Grace is Born by Lisa R. Cohen, I was immediately reminded of Wisdom personified as a woman in the book of Proverbs. In Proverbs, “ // Grace is BornWisdom cries out in the street” (1:20), she has “insight” and “wisdom” (8:14).

In Lisa R. Cohen’s book, “Grace listens with a gentle heart.” While she faces challenge and despair, she also “embraces Hope and waits with Patience for Faith to arrive.”

The text throughout is beautifully illustrated by Judith Joseph. Lisa says,

The Grace is Born manuscript was completed three months prior to my 50th birthday during the wee hours of the night. Before going to sleep, I gazed at the sparkle of stars on our Ketubah (Jewish marriage license) and wondered whether the same artist might be available to illustrate Grace is Born.

I was unable to find her, but after searching the internet, libraries, bookstores, galleries, and gift shops to no avail, I spotted a listing for another Ketubah artist, Judith Joseph. Her paintings dance with spirituality. She is a dynamic storyteller who intermingles content with composition and textures emotion with color.

Lisa commissioned Judith to create a painting that shows the story of Grace is Born. Then, using images from the original painting, she worked collaboratively with graphic artist Lisa Kaczer to synthesize words with images. The final edits, cover, and interior book design were finalized this spring.

As a new author herself, Lisa encourages others: “Suspend disbelief and answer your call. Embrace all that is, was, and will be.” As she continues to work at bringing her book to publication, she adds:

Artist Judith Joseph and Author Lisa R. Cohen
Artist Judith Joseph and Author Lisa R. Cohen

My prayer is that Grace is Born will inspire all of us to step up to our divine assignments, perform Purposeful Acts of Compassion, and become “Instruments of Change.”

We are the voice of Grace,

Singing in symphonic composition

With our Creator.

Let’s sing, let’s shout, and let the word out!



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10 thoughts on “Grace is Born: what is, was, and will be

  1. Hello April,

    Just a short note of gratitude for sharing Grace is Born with your sacred blog community. I would like to thank all of your readers for taking my hand,
    “Together we will far surpass the stance of survival and become enraptured
    in the dance of revival.” (Excerpt from Grace is Born). I would be delighted to answer any questions that they may have.

    Lisa R. Cohen

  2. Hi April, I’m a personal friend of Lisa Cohen’s and it has been a true blessing to see her book, Grace is Born, come to life. I know it’s Lisa’s dream and desire to help others to become true instruments of change. Thank you so much for your beautiful words of encouragement! I have to tell you, I am moved and inspired!
    ~Brenda Lee Watson

    1. Welcome, Brenda Lee, I’m very glad to meet you! My sense is that Grace is Born is already having an impact for Lisa and for others who have been part of the book’s journey so far. Thank you for your positive encouragement.

  3. Hi April,
    Thank you for featuring Grace Is Born on your beautiful blog. It was an exhilarating experience to immerse myself in this book and find ways to express the spirituality in Lisa’s message through images. I can see your blog brings joy to others, as I hope Grace Is Born will, as well.
    Judith Joseph

    1. Dear Judith – it’s a pleasure to have you stop by. Your images for Grace is Born are wonderful, and I enjoyed browsing through your website also. Blessings of joy and peace to you!

  4. Lisa Cohen is truly an inspirational writer. We are looking forward to the launch of Grace is Born so that we can bring it to our audience of parents in KIWI magazine.

    1. Maxine, it’s great to meet you and to be introduced to KIWI–it looks like a great resource for families. I’m looking forward to trying the dairy-free chocolate brownies too 🙂

  5. This is truly inspirational and very thought provoking.
    I am intrigued by the Biblical analogy to the Book of Proverbs.
    Wishing Lisa the very best of luck.

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