‘Tis the Season to Pause

Today I’m guest posting over at Mennobytes, which is the blog for MennoMedia (the publishing agency for the Mennonite Church in the USA and Canada). Here’s the intro:

This year from Advent to Epiphany, my church is following the journey of the magi, with a clue each Sunday for where our three wise men nativity figures will appear next. On the first Sunday of Advent, they were upstairs in a Sunday school classroom. This last Sunday, they were in my office–one on the low book-case by the door, and the other two on top of my tall shelving unit by the window. Each Sunday they’ll be in a different place in the church, until they finally arrive at the nativity scene in the sanctuary on Epiphany Sunday (January 5).

I was delighted when the chair of our Worship Committee suggested this idea. What a fun and creative way to celebrate the Advent-Epiphany season! The journey of our wise men also reminds me to pause, and you can read the rest of this post over at Mennobytes.


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