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Courtesy shutterhacks on Flickr
Courtesy shutterhacks on Flickr

Years ago, my church hosted a Missions Sunday with booths from different mission and service agencies set up around the gym. At the Campus Crusade booth, a young woman handed me a small package. “Thank you for hosting us,” she said. “This is a free gift for you as the senior pastor.” The package was a Bill Bright library on cd, with booklets on discipleship, prayer, exploring the New Testament, and many other topics. To access these resources, Logos was included free.

That was my first introduction to Logos Bible Software, and since then between my husband and me, we’ve added various Bible language tools, dictionaries, commentaries, and other resources. During those years, Logos has also grown and changed—the old cds have been replaced by an online library and their offerings continue to expand.

Yes, it’s been an investment, but the same resources bought as physical books would have been even more expensive. What’s more, having the resources within Logos means that I can search them easily all at once, highlight, make notes, save my work, and come back to it later.

I got started on Logos with a complementary copy at a time when there weren’t as many resources available for free online. If I were starting now, I would also start with the free version. The free Logos app includes more than 70 resources including Bible translations and Bible study resources, and there’s a free book of the month.  Student Discounts are available.

I’m not a paid spokesperson for Logos, and I don’t have any affiliate links on my blog. I also don’t have the latest and greatest offerings, but what I do have is useful for sermons and other writing. I find that using Logos is a bit like having my own research assistant—now if it would only bring me a nice hot cup of ginger tea….


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7 thoughts on “Free Books from Logos Bible Software

  1. April! You’re my hero!!! I’ve been using Linux OSs for the past several years and Logos doesn’t make a program version for me. Every year or so I check back and look for tricks to unlock my $1000 + library of books, including the Believer’s Church series, but no go. Now, thanks to you, I’ve got access through my browser and on my phone to the entire library I’ve already paid for! Thanks so much for sharing!!!!

    1. Andy, that is great!! I had no idea that could even be an issue, but wow, your way is now clear. I’m sure you’ll make great use of your resources! I’ve been using Logos this morning as I prepare for preaching this Sunday.

  2. Hi April,

    Thanks for the great tips to free Logos resources.

    You can find more free books for Logos with these links:

    Also, here is a website dedicated to training people to use Logos. Some of the training is free, and some cost money. However, it is extremely affordable.

    They have free, live training 2 times a month where you can ask questions.

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