An Intimate Collision


I’ve never thought of my relationship with God as An Intimate Collision, but somehow that title fits this new book by Craig Lounsbrough.

Subtitled “Encounters with Life and Jesus,” the author weaves together stories of real people with the gospel stories of Jesus. A six-year-old boy with spina bifida, a lonely man on the street, a young woman struggling with loss, the author’s own experiences as a father, family man, and counselor–each real-life story is linked with personal reflection, Scripture, and thoughtful questions for the reader.

The author says in his book trailer, “I’ve grown to the point where I don’t particularly like fake or superficial stuff.” So he shares real stories of real people–well told, easy to read, grounded in Scripture, about a faith that matters for everyday living.

I love the stories, but for me the best parts of the book are the questions offered as points to ponder. As a follow-up to each chapter, these make excellent journaling prompts.

So from page 74:

What defines my life and defines me?
Where do those definitions come from?
What have I lost in embracing them as defining who I truly am?
Am I willing to break from them and be who God created me to be?

And from page 227:

Can I begin to think beyond the temporal to the eternal?
Am I willing to see the finite world in which I live as a river that rolls into eternity and beyond?
How will that change my view of loss?
How will that change my view of life?

I’d say more, but reading this book makes me want to get my journal and attend to my own intimate collision with God.

May you encounter Jesus today too.

Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of this book through the Speakeasy blogging book review network in exchange for an honest review.

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