The world would be a better place if everybody was a birdwatcher – Robert Bateman

I’ve been wanting to visit The Robert Bateman Centre ever since it opened, so it was a definite highlight to spend some time there on a recent trip to Victoria. I loved everything about the Centre–the beautiful setting on the Inner Harbour, the paintings by both the young artist and his more mature work, the interactive stations to project even more of Robert Bateman’s art and to hear bird calls related to his paintings, the QR codes that link to videos of the artist talking about his work. I could have spent days there.

Like most visitors to the Centre, I began with the video below which is a great introduction to this Canadian artist and naturalist and his concern for the environment.


4 thoughts on “The world would be a better place if everybody was a birdwatcher – Robert Bateman

  1. Thanks for the beautiful video April. Would love to see the Robert Bateman Centre sometime! It was such a treat to look at nature (on the video) and see other than snow scenes (although there were snow scenes and they were marvellous as well)! But here in Manitoba we are just so darn sick of snow!

    1. A visit to the Centre is well worth it, Elfrieda, and the way Robert Bateman paints snow is marvelous! I hope that you’ll get some relief from winter soon though. It’s raining hard here today, but my crocuses are blooming!

  2. My friend Tina, a bird watcher, sent me this blog post today. I wish I had known about this Center when my daughter Kate and I visited Victoria. Gorgeous place.

    The video is exquisite.

    Thank you,


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