Resurrection Has Come!


Photo by Lois Siemens, used with permission

To me
Jesus means
being able to see the sky
and paint it.
~ Mackenzie Lee

For Good Friday this year, we held a funeral for Jesus with scripted tributes by “Simon Peter” and “Mary Magdalene” followed by personal tributes from the congregation that were shared also on Easter Sunday. This line comes from a testimony by Mackenzie Lee, barista, student, poet, artist, and friend of Jesus. Photo by Lois Siemens, photographer, calligrapher, pastor, friend.

Dear Jesus, with glad and grateful hearts,
we celebrate the joy of your resurrection!
In your mercy, and by the power of God,
enable us to walk with you—
for some of us, to take that first trembling step of faith;
for all of us, to keep on walking by your side;
and when we are weary,
when life and strength fail us,
enfold us in your arms,
and carry us safely home to the heart of God.


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4 thoughts on “Resurrection Has Come!

    1. For Good Friday we have tended to focus more on the cross and death of Jesus, then skipped forward to his resurrection on Easter Sunday, with relatively less emphasis on what happened in between the two days. But this year it was special to focus in this way, and yes, to sit with the reality of Jesus’ death before moving to celebrate resurrection.

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