A Prayer for the Missing

For Daniel Ha, missing since October 31, 2014,
son of Ken and Ruth Ha, who are part of my congregation;
for all who are missing, and for their families and friends.

O God who seeks and saves the lost,
have mercy on those who are missing,
and on their families who ache at their loss.

O Spirit here and everywhere,
protect and comfort each one,
sustain and carry each one in your arms.

As Jesus was once missing from his earthly parents
and restored to them with joy,
restore those who are missing to their families and friends.

O God, have mercy and hear my prayer.
Hear the sighs of the Spirit too deep for words.
Have mercy on all who suffer and need your peace. Amen.

The family would later receive the devastating news that the body of their beloved son and brother was recovered from the San Francisco Bay. They said, “We are relieved that Dan will be returning to us so his body can finally [be] put to rest. We will always be thankful for the support of all of you and the many friends who knew Dan, and we hope that his legacy of love will continue to live inside of us all.”

More Prayers for the Missing

A Prayer for the Missing
“O God comfort those who feel lonely and sad 
because the one they love has vanished.
Be with them in the storm 
and guide them in their efforts.”

For the Missing (Specific Person in My Family)
“Holy One, Protector and Redeemer, hear my prayer.”

Prayer for Those Whose Loved Ones are Missing
“Hope rides a rollercoaster. . . . Give unto your people the blessing of your grace that they may face each day with courage and hope.”

Prayer for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls
Remember your beloved children.”

A Prayer for the Abducted Girls of Nigeria
“In their time of danger and fear,
pour out your strong Spirit for them. . . .
Change the hearts and minds of their kidnappers
and of all who choose violence against women and girls.”


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5 thoughts on “A Prayer for the Missing

  1. April: Because your entry just arrived I am inclined to inform you that my wife, Marianne died quite unexpectedly on Saturday at 4:25 PM. The Service in her memory will be held at SAC at 2 PM. You may freely share this information if you wish. Thank you. Bill

    Sent from my iPhone

    1. Dear Bill, I am SO sorry to hear of the sudden passing of your dear Marianne. Thank you for sharing. May our Lord comfort and care for you and your family during this time. May the peace that passes all understanding sustain you.

    1. Thank you, Melodie – I appreciate all of the prayers for the family and our congregation as we continue to support and surround them with our prayers. We hurt with and for them as they now come to terms with Dan’s loss.

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