A Blue, Imperfect, Blessed Christmas

If you’re still scrambling to get ready for Christmas, why not take a step back, take a deep breath, and give yourself permission to have a merry imperfect Christmas:

You have permission to be tired sometimes, and not up for visiting with every relative and friend on the face of the planet.

You have permission to hide away when you need to. Re-read a favourite book. Take a bath. Dig out some old music and re-enjoy it. Lock your door for an hour or two.

Read the rest of this encouraging post by Stacy Gleddiesmith.

If you’re struggling and having a Blue Christmas, know that you are not alone:

May joy come to the world, O God, and may we grasp some [corner] of that. We do not pray for joy that is temporary or fleeting, but a joy that runs deep and sustains us even in moments of despair. We seek this joy in a season that can be less than joyful. O God, hear our prayer.

Thank you to Coffee House Contemplative for this Blue Christmas prayer that you can read in its entirety here.

However blue or imperfect your Christmas, may you also know God’s blessing of comfort and joy. Luke 2:10-11:

Don’t be afraid! Look! I bring good news to you—wonderful, joyous news for all people. Your savior is born today in David’s city. He is Christ the Lord.


2 thoughts on “A Blue, Imperfect, Blessed Christmas

  1. Thank you, April. So many people do not have a joyful time at the holidays. I know, since I was a part-time chaplain at a hospital in Chicago for seven years–worked either Christmas Eve or Christmas Day every year, plus lots during the week between Christmas and New Year. I saw the loneliness, depression, sadness and grief, first hand.

    I am having a Blue Christmas service at my church tonight, just for that reason. God bless you in this season that can be joyous, grief-stricken, sad, or anything in between. If you have time, my blog post about the Blue Christmas service is here: http://wp.me/p4cOf8-kZ

    1. Thanks for sharing and for your blessing – I’ve never led a Blue Christmas service before, but there were elements of that in our fourth Advent service when I preached on What Colour is Christmas? (including a blue Christmas) and this coming Sunday my sermon is “The Broken and the Holy Hallelujah.”

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