A Prayer for the New Year

May Christ our Lord,
Who is the Head of every beginning,
grant us so to pass through the coming year with faithful hearts,
that we may be able in all things to please His loving eyes.

O God, Who art the Self-same,
Whose years shall not fail,
grant us to spend this year as Thy devoted servants,
according to Thy good pleasure.

A sunrise to start the new year.

Fill the earth with fruit,
grant our bodies to be free from disease,
our souls from offenses;
take away scandals and keep far
from our borders all manner of calamitous events;
through Jesus Christ Thy Son our Lord.

– from Ancient Collects and Other Prayers by William Bright

2 thoughts on “A Prayer for the New Year

  1. Thanks for this prayer, April. I copied it onto the inside cover of my “Sacred Pauses Daybook” which was a Christmas present to me from my husband. I will read it often during the year as I enjoy my time with God and my daybook.

    1. Dear Elfrieda, what a wonderful idea! I love this ancient prayer for the new year, and adding it to your daybook makes it a blessing year round. Thank you for sharing this, and enjoy the daybook 🙂

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