6 thoughts on “A Prayer for Rest and Sacred Pauses

    1. My pleasure – your post is beautiful, and I love the way you’ve turned the prayer into a visual. I’d like to do better with visuals on my blog too, and in the meantime am happy to share yours. Thanks!

        1. Joy, here is some information about guest posting on my blog: https://aprilyamasaki.com/guest-posting/
          I would love to have you as a guest! Also, I received a comment by email from a reader who would like to print a copy of your prayer. I’ve referred her to your original blog post where you say “Feel free to pin or use as you need to” — thank you for your generosity.

          1. Thank you, April. This info is really helpful. And I enjoyed reading the guest posts you highlighted. I will need some time to recover from the flu, pray and think about the best way for me to write for you here and will be in touch as soon as possible. Thank you also for sharing the interest the prayer has generated. It is always my aim to bless and encourage others in their walk of faith. Every blessing in Him. 🙂 x

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