So Much To Be Thankful For!

thanksgiving-corn-stalks-225x550Yo tengo tanto para agradecer! In the words of our song with the children on Thanksgiving Sunday, I have so much to be thankful for!

Our Thanksgiving worship display illustrated that beautifully by featuring foods and recipe books from around the world. Thank you to everyone who contributed and who so lovingly put together this visual feast:

  • pomelo, jackfruit, papaya, apple pears, eggplant, cauliflower, and long white radishes from Laos, Thailand, Korea, Japan and other parts of Asia;
  • dates from Tunisia;
  • red chili peppers, peanuts and cane sugar from India;
  • rice from Pakistan;
  • tea from Taiwan;
  • coconut from the Caribbean;
  • bananas from Central America;
  • gem squash from Southern Africa;
  • cucumbers, mushrooms, corn, pumpkins, apples, and persimmons grown locally by church members;
  • broccoli given as a gift to a church member and her family from a monastery in Squamish;
  • local “gold medal” water from Clearbrook Waterworks;
  • sunflowers grown from seeds planted at the church by the children;
  • recipe books in Korean, Thai and English, that include everything from global street food to Mennonite cooking.


This represented just a fraction of God’s abundance in our lives that we can see, and together the display gave testimony to what we cannot see:

  • the generosity of those who contributed,
  • the time spent arranging this display with laughter and love,
  • our offering of worship and prayer made beautifully visible.

thanksgiving-crossMost of all, the Bible and the cross reminded us of:

  • God’s love, mercy, and forgiveness,
  • the life and sacrifice of Jesus to save us,
  • the presence of the Spirit to guide and empower us.

As the children’s song says, we have so much, so much, SO MUCH—the chorus repeats “so much” 13 times–and even that is not enough to express our thanks.

Give thanks for Word and water,
for breath and life and health,

for wisdom and all wonder,
for all of nature’s wealth.

We give you thanks, O God.


Give thanks for all creation, tending it with care.
Give thanks for all the nations and people everywhere.
We give you thanks, O God.


Give thanks for shelter, clothing, food,
for work and art and all that’s good.
We give you thanks, O God.


For all your goodness, we give you thanks, O God!

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4 thoughts on “So Much To Be Thankful For!

    1. I don’t think the photos do justice to the display in real life, Laurie–as we were setting up on Saturday, it was so lovely to put my nose to the jackfruit and inhale its sweetness (that some say smells like bubblegum), to laugh with surprise as one of the newest members of our church came in with her arms full of corn stalks twice her height. I’m grateful that the joyous still life of the photos hold many more memories. Thank you for praying along with me.

  1. April, how beautiful! I think we can add photography to your many other gifts! I was with you when you took those pictures, and realized you are the best!
    And what a happy experience putting it all together. Our international sisters really got into the Thanksgiving mood both in bringing unusual fruits and vegetables, and having so much fun decorating. Reminiscant of my childhood Thanksgiving days!

    1. Mary, you are too kind! It was such a visual feast that taking pictures was easy, even though the battery on my tablet was running low. I’m so glad that you could be a part of our global Thanksgiving celebration.

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