A One-Day Retreat to Release Your Creativity

Retreat PosterAs part of my Lent this year, I’ll be leading a one-day retreat on creativity, thanks to the creative women of Ottawa Mennonite Church. On April 1, our day starts with coffee at 9:30am, and then we’ll celebrate God’s gift of creativity and how we might release it more and more in our own lives.

If you’re in the Ottawa area or plan to be, I’d love to have you join us! We’ll meet at Saint Paul University for this one-day retreat. Register by March 22 with Ottawa Mennonite Church, 613-733-6729. Please bring your Bible, a journal or paper, and pencils/pens for colouring.


Following the retreat, on April 2 I’m also delighted to spend the morning at Ottawa Mennonite Church:

10am Adult Formation – Spiritual Practice for Busy People

11am Worship – The Lazarus Experience (John 11)


Writing/Reflection Prompt: What’s your favourite way of releasing your creativity?

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