Our Father Who Created and Cares for Us

For six weeks, I’ve had the immense privilege of leading a course on Prayer During Challenging Times for the Xplore program of Canadian Mennonite University. It’s been wonderful to share together with such a wise and gracious group of adult learners, and I learned a lot too.

Each session included teaching on prayer, reflection on Scripture, stories of prayer during challenging times, plus time for prayer requests and praying together in different ways, including silence, lectio divina, the Jesus Prayer and other breath prayers, the Lord’s Prayer and other prayers from Scripture, hymnals, and prayer books. “It felt a bit like I was entering holy space,” said one participant in an email. Yes, me too.

We spent one part of a session on the Lord’s prayer, and I opened our next session with the prayer below. I offer it here to encourage your prayers and bless you today.

Our Father
(who created and cares for us)

Who is in heaven
(beyond our sight and understanding)

hallowed be your name
(may we honour you in all we say and do)

Your kingdom come
(we wait for your reign in all its fullness)

Your will be done
(for your glory and by your great mercy)

on earth as it is in heaven
(for Jesus is Lord of all)

Give us today our daily bread
(sustain us with what we need)

Forgive us our sins
(our debts, our trespasses)

as we forgive those who sin against us
(for your Spirit has set us free)

Preserve us in the time of trial
(protect us and keep us close)

and deliver us from evil
(for you are good)

For the kingdom, the power, and the glory are yours
(more beautiful and brighter than we can imagine)

now and forever
(from everlasting to everlasting)

(and Amen).

Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay


Writing/Reflection Prompt: With the Lord’s Prayer as your model, write your own reflection/prayer.


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