Sharing Faith Stories

Upside-Down Living: Sharing Faith Stories (Herald Press, 2017).

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Everyone loves a story! What’s more, everyone has a story, and for people of faith, everyone has a faith story. The possibilities are endless for sharing Bible stories, personal testimonies, and everyday anecdotes of faith in daily life. This study will empower you to discover how to communicate your story as an effective way of nurturing healthy faith and reaching out to others. Six sessions with anecdotes, examples, and questions for reflection and discussion.

Table of Contents

Session 1
The Power of Story

Session 2
Sharing Your Personal Story

Session 3
Sharing Faith Stories for Every Day (brief excerpt available here)

Session 4
Sharing Faith Stories in Words and Actions

Session 5
Sharing Faith Stories When It’s Difficult

Session 6
Sharing Faith Stories as a Community

Upside-Down Living

Sharing Faith Stories is part of the Upside-Down Living Bible study series from Herald Press. Each compelling six-session study helps us encounter the teachings of Jesus and wrestle with living out the kingdom here and now.

The Bible isn’t a cookbook with solutions for every ethical dilemma, but it helps us raise the right questions, encounter the teachings of Jesus, and discover new ways of faithful living in the world. Ideal for personal use, Sunday school, or Bible study sessions, each topical study covers a specific theme or issue, and comes with thought-provoking discussion questions and activities. Be inspired and transformed in your faith. Live upside down.

Topics in this series: Sabbath, Technology, Money, Identity and Aging, Violence, and Sharing Faith Stories. For more information, see Upside-Down Living.