Sacred Pauses: spiritual practices for personal renewal (coming soon, February 2013)

Sacred Pauses book coverFor the last couple of days, I have been happily looking at options for the cover of my book, and this is it!!  Thank you to designer Reuben Graham, and to Byron Rempel-Burkholder and Amy Gingerich of Herald Press. Sacred Pauses: Spiritual Practices for Personal Renewal is scheduled for release in February 2013.

Sacred Pauses is a fresh approach to spiritual practice for anyone seeking rest and personal renewal in the midst of daily life. Each chapter explores a different expression of spiritual practice—from classic disciplines like Scripture and prayer to other creative approaches like paying attention, making music, and having fun. With plenty of stories drawn from real life and ideas to try yourself, this book is personal and practical, with a flexible format to use alone or with a group.

Instead of waiting for a vacation to smooth out the knots of tension from everyday life, instead of waiting until the end of the week to shed our weariness, what if we could take time out every day? Live a renewed life every day? Be refreshed by God every day?

Sacred Pauses offers a simple way to do just that—to pause, to connect more deeply with ourselves and with God, and to be renewed.


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7 thoughts on “Sacred Pauses: spiritual practices for personal renewal (coming soon, February 2013)

  1. April, the cover is beautiful! It is simple and the subtle lines between each letter are as a pause…perfect.
    I spent this last weekend camping, taking time to read my Bible and spend some quiet hours writing and thought then, how wonderful it would be to be have more time like that each day. I look forward to reading your book and finding some inspiration on how to pause a little each day.

  2. Love the cover!

    I’m writing about pilgrimage on my own blog today, and you have inspired me to bring that idea into daily practice also.

    Looking forward to your launch, sister.

  3. Thank you all – we’re into copy-editing now…not quite as exciting as the cover, but I’m glad for this step and the careful attention to detail which is also part of the journey–dare I call it pilgrimage, Shirley?–thank you all for the comments which are so encouraging.

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