T Plus 2 days: Yes and more!

English: Exclamation mark Ελληνικά: Θαμαστικό

For those of you following my writing journey, YES!! I sent my book manuscript in on Saturday so that was reason to celebrate!

But now two days later  instead of the capital letters and exclamation marks, I’m ready to write yes and a comma.

Yes, I’m looking forward to seeing what the editors think of this new revision. Yes, I’m thinking about cover options. Yes, I’m glad it’s in and now I can finally reclaim my desk, my piano bench, the dining room table, and every other place where my book-related papers and books are scattered. Yes, and I have other writing projects on the go too.

I’m glad for the excitement of every YES!! in life, and I’m also glad that every yes can also open up to more . . . .

2 thoughts on “T Plus 2 days: Yes and more!

  1. Congratulations, April! I find it amazing that you are already writing of new writing projects! I’m just beginning to dream of one now, 5 months after I mailed in my last revisions.

  2. Thanks, Elsie – I actually had three book ideas before settling on this one, but I’m definitely not ready to think about another book-length project just yet! I do have some other shorter pieces on the horizon though–some devotional writing and a short article due later this fall and a series of sermons due in June. I’m grateful that I have some sabbatical/study leave from the church to work on these.

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