Are You Living Your Dream?

When I was a child, I loved books and dreamed of becoming a writer someday. In high school, I journaled and wrote poetry, but only for myself. In university, I interned with a city magazine, and soon after started freelancing short articles in various publications. In graduate school, I put off writing my master’s thesis … Continue reading Are You Living Your Dream?

How to Pray When Prayer Seems Impossible

For me the new year is always a time to clean things up. In January I put away my Christmas decorations. For the Lunar New Year, I do a winter cleaning that includes vacuuming the floors---and no, this isn't the only time I vacuum, but at the Lunar New Year, it's a traditional and practical … Continue reading How to Pray When Prayer Seems Impossible

My Movable Writing Deadline

Thank you, dear readers, for your help with my next book. You've weighed in on possible titles. You've cheered me on, and cheered me up with your interest, prayers, notes of encouragement, and just being there as a silent witness. I took a week off from blogging because of Thanksgiving last week, but then and … Continue reading My Movable Writing Deadline

Readers Respond: Which Title Engages You the Most?

In my last post, I shared a few possible titles for my next book and asked, "If this were the title of a sermon series, which one would engage you the most?" Some readers replied directly in the comments on that post, others responded on Facebook, Twitter, via email, or in personal conversation. I'm grateful … Continue reading Readers Respond: Which Title Engages You the Most?

Could This Be a Nudging of the Spirit?

"Are you available for another writing project?" asked David Runk, president and publisher of CSS Publishing. I've worked with David and his company on three previous collections of lectionary-based sermons: On the Way With Jesus, Ordinary Time With Jesus, and Led by the Spirit. I like his company's focus on practical, field-tested sermons with pastors … Continue reading Could This Be a Nudging of the Spirit?

For Those Who Support Our Dreams

I love this short film about a little girl who dreamed of becoming an astronaut and her father who supported her dream. It's so beautifully done and ends with this dedication: "for those who support our dreams." One Small Step is an original film by Taiko Studios, and the version below has an original musical … Continue reading For Those Who Support Our Dreams

Dear Vaccine, Can You Change the World?

When I wrote If You're Still Hesitating, Here are 10 Reasons to Get a COVID-19 Vaccine, a number of readers asked if I would be sharing that article here as well. Others shared it on Facebook, and some even emailed to let me know that they were sending it to friends. Clearly there was a … Continue reading Dear Vaccine, Can You Change the World?

The Gift of Community

After twenty-five years of pastoral ministry, I sensed a new wind of the Spirit blowing in my life, leading me to invest more deeply in my writing and speaking beyond the local congregation. I still loved the church and still loved pastoral ministry, but I also knew from the movement of the Spirit that it … Continue reading The Gift of Community