Awakening to God’s Presence

I stayed up late one night reading Catherine McNiel's new book, All Shall Be Well, and then I dreamt that we were having tea together at her house. I left her place late, long after her other guests had left, because I had to search for my camera that I had brought with me in my … Continue reading Awakening to God’s Presence

How to Grow Your God-Given Dream: Listening for God

Do you have a dream to start something new? It might be a big idea like a new ministry or a new non-profit, or something more personal like going back to school or changing your field of work. As I begin a new writing project, I always think of it as Starting Something New. That's … Continue reading How to Grow Your God-Given Dream: Listening for God

Roaches and Butterflies

Years ago, when I lived down south, I lived in an apartment that had cockroaches. It was a clean building in a nice neighbourhood, but with the warm weather year round, there seemed to be roaches everywhere. Whenever we would come home after dark, I would see huge roaches clinging to the outside of the … Continue reading Roaches and Butterflies