For Those Who Support Our Dreams

I love this short film about a little girl who dreamed of becoming an astronaut and her father who supported her dream. It’s so beautifully done and ends with this dedication: “for those who support our dreams.”

One Small Step is an original film by Taiko Studios, and the version below has an original musical score and sound design by Kenneth Reodica, who chose the film for a student film scoring project. Thank you to Grace Wulff for sharing this:

Like Luna, as a little girl I had a dream—not to travel to outer space, but to become a writer. And like her father, my parents were supportive of my dreams too.

My mother always encouraged me in whatever I tried or hoped to do. “I have every faith in you,” she would say. If she were still alive today, she would have turned 100 years old last Sunday.

As a teenager, my father’s education was cut short when his older brother died, and my father took over his vegetable stand to support their mother and their siblings. Perhaps that’s why my father was so pleased when I went on to university and did what he could to pay for my studies. “It’s the only thing I can give you that will last,” he said.

Many others have contributed to my journey as a writer—other family members and friends, teachers and colleagues,  fellow creatives and ministers, church and community, readers who graciously receive my writing and those who continue to share my books and blog posts in their own writing, preaching, and teaching. I’m grateful to God for all of you! Thank you for dreaming along with me.

Writing/Reflection Prompt: What is your dream, and who supports you in it?


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8 thoughts on “For Those Who Support Our Dreams

  1. April, not only did you become a writer, you also became a pastor and a counsellor to many. God has used you in a wonderful way!

  2. Just wanted to add that that video was awesome! Brought back memories of my dad too, who worked so hard to support his eight children and was always kind and loving!

    1. I’m glad you had such a wonderful father and a good foundation for the way your life has so beautifully unfolded with family, service, creativity, kindness, and love. God has blessed you and used you to bless many others.

  3. Thank you for sharing this, April. I can almost hear your Mom’s voice. We are so proud of all you have accomplished and shared with our family. You are an amazing role model for youth and anyone who has a dream to follow.

  4. My father ( and mother) both supported us children to get an education and when I shared with him my felt calling to become a mission worker, he then, on his deathbed pronounced his blessing on me; I am forever grateful to him.

    1. What a beautiful glimpse of your father’s life and legacy of blessing. Thank you for sharing this, Sue, and for blessing many others through your service as a mission worker and as you live each day.

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