Pandemic Lessons to Carry Forward

Have you ever walked away from a conversation obsessing over what you should have said instead? What would have been better? What could have been clearer? I felt that way after last week's webinar on Living Well After the Pandemic hosted by Faith Today. It was an honour for me to be invited as one … Continue reading Pandemic Lessons to Carry Forward

Lift Every Voice: Four Gifts

Lift Every Voice: Contemplative Writers of Color is a new book club launched this year by Abbey of the Arts. What a delight to learn that Four Gifts had been chosen as the feature title for May! And as a resource for the book club, I loved talking with the Abbey's Christine Valters Paintner and … Continue reading Lift Every Voice: Four Gifts

We Long for Healing

For 2020, my word of the year was journey, and I thought of it mainly in terms of my journey more deeply into the writing life. I was about to complete my first year as resident author with a liturgical worship community, and looking forward to developing further partnerships with other churches where I might … Continue reading We Long for Healing

Finding Peace Through Self-Care

What is the Christian perspective of self-care?, asks Amelia Warkentin in her award-winning speech for the C. Henry Smith Oratorical Contest. I love the way she frames her answer with her own experience, research, and reflection on Scripture, including her reading of my book, Four Gifts: Seeking Self-care for Heart, Soul, Mind, and Strength. It's an … Continue reading Finding Peace Through Self-Care

To Sing is to Pray Twice

"To sing is to pray twice" is often attributed to St. Augustine, but just as I've seen different versions of the quote, I've also seen it variously attributed to Martin Luther and anonymous sources. Whoever said it first, and how ever we put it---"the one who sings prays twice," or "singing is praying twice," or … Continue reading To Sing is to Pray Twice

Is a Hidden Faith Just as Genuine as the Faith of a Martyr?

We admire those willing to die for what they believe, and we pay attention to the last words of those we admire. The book, Martyrs Mirror, consists primarily of final messages from Christians in jail, joyfully waiting to die for their faith. - Introduction to Martyrs Mirror I've generally thought of martyrdom as "the ultimate act of … Continue reading Is a Hidden Faith Just as Genuine as the Faith of a Martyr?

God of the Doubters, Broken, and Happy

While I'm celebrating the completion of Christ is For Us, I decided to give myself a vacation from blogging and introduce you to Dale Fredrickson, who is a pastor and poet from Denver, Colorado. He says, "I'd like to inspire the entire world but find that inspiring myself and my family and friends is work enough." … Continue reading God of the Doubters, Broken, and Happy

For All of Its Sting in This Life, Death has Lost Its Power

Members of the Fort Assiniboine volunteer fire department planned to sit together at the celebration of life for Fred Bradley, who had faithfully served together with them for many years. But as Topland Community Hall filled to capacity, they gave up their seats and stood together at the back in honour of one of their own, … Continue reading For All of Its Sting in This Life, Death has Lost Its Power