Can Art be Missional and Still be Art?

The Art of Helping Others: How Artists Can Serve God and Love the World by Douglas C. Mann (IVP Books, 2014) is for artists who write, paint, dance, sing, play an instrument, make jewellry, work with wood, and engage in other expressive arts, and for all of us as artists of the everyday who parent, pastor, cook, … Continue reading Can Art be Missional and Still be Art?

Fuel Your Creativity with an Artist Date

Yesterday I treated myself to an artist date at The Reach in Abbotsford with an artist tour and talk by Canadian painter Takao Tanabe. The paintings on exhibit spanned his artistic interests in abstract impressionism and traditional sumi-e, acrylic and water colour, the landscape of prairie and west coast. Before the tour, I read this quote … Continue reading Fuel Your Creativity with an Artist Date

Toward Racial Reconciliation: Reflection & Practice

Last week I took part in my first-ever Google Hangout -- #MennoNerds on Race, Mutuality, and Anabaptist Community. In this post I share the video of our conversation, offer some further reflections, and outline some practices toward racial reconciliation.

Weakness is the Way – J.I. Packer

When I was a student at Regent College, I took Systematic Theology with Dr. J.I. Packer. In this video trailer for Weakness is the Way: Life with Christ Our Strength, his voice is as I remember it, with the same British accent and the same precise way of speaking. His example of facing weakness with dignity and humility is inspiring.