You are Here, Moving in Our Midst

Friends, I’m tired today. Are you?

Tired of the novel coronavirus that’s still causing illness, suffering, and death. Tired of the racism and injustice that continue in spite of massive protests. Tired of those who say black lives matter while acting just the opposite. Tired of words, words, and more words. Today I’m even tired of my own words.

Then I remember these words of Jesus:

Come to me,
all you that are weary
and are carrying heavy burdens,
and I will give you rest.
 – Matthew 11:28

That’s exactly the kind of rest I need.

Image by Thanapat Pirmphol from Pixabay

So today I’m laying down my weariness and resting in Jesus. I’ve already written about Responding to COVID-19 and Other Crises, Black Lives Matter in Canada, Naming Anti-Asian Racism, Anger: To Ignore or Respond, and that will need to be enough words from me for now.

Instead of writing more, I’m going to listen again to this song that Christianity Today calls “America’s quarantine anthem.” The song is actually from Nigeria, written and sung by Sinach, a Pentecostal worship leader, who tours internationally, and is the first African to top the Billboard Christian Songwriters chart. “Way Maker” has inspired churches around the world and has also been included in some of the demonstrations for racial justice.

“You are here, moving in our midst,” Sinach sings. Today I’m resting in that Spirit, moving among us and at work in the world.

Writing/Reflection Prompt:
Are you tired too? How do you re-charge?


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17 thoughts on “You are Here, Moving in Our Midst

  1. Thank you to Sinach, Nigeria; how true, and I will keep repeating it even 100 times or more today ,”(Holy) Spirit , you are here among us and at work in the world” I need this today Thanks for sharing this April

    1. My pleasure, Sue – this is such a beautiful worship song, recorded by other artists as well, and I understand that it’s also been translated and sung in 50 different languages. It’s such a blessing!

  2. Thank you, April, for this reminder: God is here, moving in our midst! Our suffering is so minor compared to what so many others have to endure! Was there some speaking in tongues in Sinach’s song toward the end?

    1. I don’t know if her words were part of a heavenly language or an earthly one, but they remind me that we worship with words we can understand and beyond words in the depths of our being. God is moving in our midst!

  3. My husband has been recovering from knee replacement surgery, and then had to spend a week in a continuous motion machine for the knee at home, and needless to say, I’ve been run ragged–also trying to keep up with the garden. He sent me to bed early last night, said he could do his therapy on his own. Yes, I’m tired, but this is a lift. Thanks, April.

    1. Oh Melodie, it sounds as if you’ve been on a continuous motion machine of your own for the last while. No wonder you’re tired! I’m glad this post gives you a lift, and I wish your husband a good recovery.

  4. These are indeed tiresome times. We need a “double portion” of God’s strength just to survive, and much more to survive. I pray we all draw on the inspiration of the One who soothes our troubled minds.

  5. neatly written April…soft and without fluff….it made the moments quieter and eased the rush a bit….keep them coming… many of us need to have the Lord moving in our midst…..

  6. I’m a senior and the apartment building I live in has done everything possible to save the whole building from this virus. Somewhat introverted, my isolation has increased. I’m not THAT introverted. My church takes my temperature. My ride to church asks me to sit in the back seat for safety. And how do you take communion while wearing a mask? What I would give just to shake someone’s hand. I understand the weariness you feel. You speak for all of us.

    1. Thank you for sharing, Patricia. It’s good to know that your apartment building and church are doing what they can to keep people safe from the virus. I’m not aware of other churches that are actually taking temperatures, so your church seems to be doing even more than most. Yet the same precautions that are so necessary are also wearying and not fully satisfying, so I pray for perseverance, for rest, and good grace for all.

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