Finding Peace Through Self-Care

What is the Christian perspective of self-care?, asks Amelia Warkentin in her award-winning speech for the C. Henry Smith Oratorical Contest. I love the way she frames her answer with her own experience, research, and reflection on Scripture, including her reading of my book, Four Gifts: Seeking Self-care for Heart, Soul, Mind, and StrengthIt’s an honour to be mentioned, and alongside Jean Vanier’s Becoming Human no less!

Amelia’s story of not taking care of herself and then realizing how healthy self-care relates to health and peace is a valuable one that deserves a wider audience. To that end, I’m happy to share her speech below. Well done and congratulations, Amelia! I hope your speech will engage other young adults and people of all ages who might also wonder about self-care.

Writing/Reflection Prompt: How have you grown in your understanding of self-care in the last year? In the last five years?

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One thought on “Finding Peace Through Self-Care

  1. I have not given much thought to self-care lately, busy with book publication and book tour. Back home now, I’m focusing on restoring my quiet time and getting some rest. Great question, April!

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