Are You Living Your Dream?

When I was a child, I loved books and dreamed of becoming a writer someday. In high school, I journaled and wrote poetry, but only for myself. In university, I interned with a city magazine, and soon after started freelancing short articles in various publications. In graduate school, I put off writing my master’s thesis so I could write a book. Why work on a thesis only to have it sit gathering dust on a shelf when I could be writing a book that people might actually read?

As I continued to write and publish books and articles, my husband would often say, “You’re living your dream.” And he was right. As a child, I had dreamed of becoming a writer “someday,” and that day had actually happened.

– excerpt from my first editorial for Rejoice!, Spring 2023. Used with permission.

Image by Alexa from Pixabay

When my husband died unexpectedly last year, I felt so overwhelmed that I couldn’t write much except my personal journal where I poured out my heart. Then as I gradually resumed writing for publication, I focused mainly on blog posts, sermons, and other short, self-contained pieces, including a collection of sermons to be released this year. Editing daily devotionals for Rejoice! seemed to fit well since those too were short pieces. I just didn’t have the head space or heart space for a longer, more sustained writing project.

But some weeks ago, I had the passing thought that I might be able to start thinking about another book. It was such a passing thought that when a writer friend asked if I was thinking about another book, I honestly said no. Between serving as resident author at my church, editing Rejoice!, blogging, my other writing and speaking, and the myriad relationships and things of daily life, I didn’t know how I could write another book too. So I had let that passing thought pass me by.

Then to my surprise—on the same day I told my writer friend no—I got an email from an editor wondering if I might be interested in doing another book. She even included a few ideas based on some of my work that she had seen. Suddenly my passing thought had returned to me. Suddenly it had become more than simply passing through.

I’m curious now to see where this will lead if anywhere. Am I ready, whatever that means? Is there room in my head, my heart, my life to write another book at this time? Where is God leading me in this season?

And what about you? Have you ever followed a passing thought to see where it might lead? Did it prove to be simply passing through for a time, or was it part of a more enduring dream for you? Whatever your dreams and passing thoughts, may God grant you good discernment.

Writing/Reflection Prompt: In what ways are you already living your dream? What is the next small step you can take in that direction?


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7 thoughts on “Are You Living Your Dream?

  1. Your “writing” is such a blessing to so many, April. Whether it be your weekly post , your books or your reflections, you give me joy and often direction. Have a wonderful week.

    1. Thank you for reading and for being part of my writing journey. I’m encouraged by readers like you! Your comment means a lot to me. Have a wonderful week too!

  2. I couldn’t write anything for a while after my husband’s cancer diagnosis. Physical work like raking leaves and cleaning out the garage seemed to be my way of coping. Then I had release and I began to write again. I’ll say more in my next blog post (I think).

    1. Thank you for your response, Elfrieda. I pray for you and Hardy at this time.

      Physical work has helped me too, especially being outdoors. Somehow that combination of fresh air and growing things, bodily movement and focus on a single task help settle my restless spirit. I look forward to your further reflection on your blog whenever the time is right for you.

  3. You say, “And what about you? Have you ever followed a passing thought to see where it might lead?” After Mennonite Daughter released I told everyone “I’ll never write another book.” Then, in the fullness of time (nearly 4 years later) I wrote My Checkered Life, A Marriage Memoir.

    April, I’m glad you are circling around to embrace another long-form writing project. Getting ideas from a supportive editor seems to be a green-light for sure. You go, girl! 😀

    1. Thank you, Marian – “never” is a long time! But I’m glad you went on to write another book after all. Congratulations! I’m still figuring out how another book might fit with my other writing, editing, and everything else in my life, but I look forward to what may yet develop.

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